Reducing Business Risk While Maximizing Potential


The franchise industry has a higher success rate than going at it alone because franchising means minimizing the risk of being an "independent owner" and becoming part of a team committed to building a brand and dominating the market. It also means group buying power to cut your operating expenses and predictable results thanks to our tried-and-true systems.


We Can Help You Acquire Startup Capital


Honey Do Franchising Group has several approved vendors to help with a multitude of financing options. If you're moving forward on your own, a tip to the wise: Do not let anyone pull your credit until you have a clear view of the options available to you and how they can catalyze your success. Feel free to contact us - we'd love to help you understand the financing options that fit your needs


Ask us about our Veteran's discount and in-house financing options. You may be eligible for a $2,000 discount if you already hold your correct and applicable contractor's license.




Our royalty fees are a fixed 6% of your gross sales (less than most sales tax), and there is no minimum royalty payment. Because our royalties are based on your sales, we look at it like a commission based coaching system and you can be certain we're fully committed to the growth and success of your business. We've also taken steps to ensure our royalty collection process is seamless and supports your cash flow.


****If you would like to schedule a phone call with the CEO/CFO to discuss the breakdown of cost for a Honey Do Franchise, then please call us during business hours.


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