Our Remodeling and Renovation Story | Honey Do Franchising Group

Our story begins in 2002 with Brad Fluke, our President & CEO, and his father, Tom, our current mascot, formulating an idea for a niche startup business. Brad was a welder living in California and raising a family, when one day out of the blue, he got a call from his father, telling Brad that he had a vision and he wanted Brad to help him start it. Brad moved back home with his family to Bristol, VA, where he began knocking on doors to get handyman work, under the name Tom's Honey Do Service. Their workload quickly became more than father and son could handle alone, and soon, a crew was hired. In 2004, after Tom retired, leaving Brad with the keys to the company's future, Brad changed the name to The Honey Do Service, Inc. and this is where the legacy began. The Honey Do Service, Inc.'s success was growing more and more throughout the Tri-Cities area, and Brad quickly realized the benefit his service could provide nationally, and set course on franchising. By 2008, the housing market was crumbling, but The Honey Do Service, Inc. was thriving, and Brad finally realized the full potential of his newfound niche. The first two franchises were sold within no time at all, and the rest is history, with much more to come!

Below is a quick timeline of our progression and growth from 2002 to present day! We hope to see you on there.

  • August 2002Tom's Honey Do Service

    Tom Fluke opened Tom's Honey Do Service in Bristol, Virginia. His son, Brad Fluke, a welder at the time, and current CEO, left welding to join his dad in his new venture. They worked together until Tom retired.
  • March 2004Name Changed

    The name "Tom's Honey Do Service" was officially changed to "The Honey Do Service, Inc." The name was registered and trademarked in preparation for expanding into additional locations.
  • August 2008Franchising Group Established

    Honey Do Franchising Group was established in Bristol, VA and the growth of The Honey Do Service, Inc. was officially underway!
  • November 2008Officially Branded

    The Honey Do Service, Inc. received it's first fully-wrapped van. The highly recognizable graphics on The Honey Do Service, Inc. vans are still making an impact of the communities they service.
  • May 2009First Franchise Sold

    The first franchise was sold to Gregg Goldstein, who opened up shop in Kingsport, TN. The Kingsport location is held in very high regard within the community, and is very successful thanks to Gregg's excellent customer service.
  • January 2011Johnson City, TN

    The Honey Do Service, Inc. of Johnson City, TN was established and is constantly a top-performing location that is known for their high-quality craftsmanship.
  • May 2012Abingdon, VA

    The Honey Do Service, Inc. established a location on Main Street in Abingdon, VA to better serve South Western Virginia.
  • October 2015Abilene, TX

    Abilene, TX received its very own Honey Do Service thanks to Jason Ramirez, a decorated Air Force veteran. Jason brings his attention to detail and high-quality standards to the table. As a result, his business is flourishing.
  • June 2016Knoxville, TN

    Joshua Irick opened up his first The Honey Do Service, Inc. in West Knoxville, TN. Due to the customer service and quality of care he delivers, his workload quickly became more than one location could handle.
  • October 2016Franchise Apprenticeship Program

    As the first participant of our Franchise Apprenticeship Program, Reno Mullins began two years of training and service that would eventually lead him to be the proud owner of our Winston-Salem location. His training was used to prepare him to provide top-notch service to the Winston-Salem community.
  • October 2017Myrtle Beach, SC

    Cherubina Hicks was awarded the Myrtle Beach territory. The combination of applying her go-getter attitude and industry experience to our proven systems has created a booming success and professional service now, and for years to come.
  • March 2018Chattanooga, TN

    Brack Biggs has been able to take his project management experience and apply it on the local level, to quickly become one of the largest home improvement services in the Chattanooga community. His relationship-building skills, combined with his client base, continues to bring him and The Honey Do Service, Inc. success each and every day.
  • February 2019First Owner to Open a Second Location

    Joshua Irick's business grew well beyond what a single Honey Do Service location could handle on its own. In February of 2019, he received his second Honey Do Service location in Sevierville, TN. They are located within close proximity to each other in order to manage both, but far enough away to provide a better service to both of his communities.
  • March 2019First Florida The Honey Do Service, Inc.

    The sunny skies of Florida received their first Honey Do Service, Inc. owned and operated by David Kuenzel, with his son, Joshua, as his estimator in Fort Walton Beach, FL. On the day of Grand Opening, David and his family received 23 estimate requests, setting a new record in the most estimates received on the first day of business. His success is due to his involvement in the community and his management experience, combined with our proven systems for success.
  • April 2019Rock Hill, SC

    Kevin Hall opened the doors to the Honey Do Service, Inc. of Rock Hill, SC on April 4th, 2019. Kevin absorbed the information we provided like a sponge and quickly began taking off in his community. His ambition, positive attitude, people-skills, and teach-ability are a few of the key factors of his ever-continuing success.
  • June 2019New Ownership of the Tri-Cities

    In order to more effectively serve our franchisees and provide support, Brad sold the Bristol and Abingdon office. Gregg and Richard shortly followed suit looking for retirement, placing the entire Tri-Cities under the new ownership of Brett Greene and Jamey Bowling. Brett & Jamey have provided superior ownership and professionalism, taking the Tri-Cities to new heights in both quality craftsmanship and customer support.
  • 20196 New Locations

    During the 2019 Calendar Year, we opened up 6 new The Honey Do Service, Inc. locations all across the US, in Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. This was a record-breaking achievement for The Honey Do Service, Inc. and it's all thanks to our amazing support team we have at corporate.
  • January 2020First Honey Do Owners Conference

    We held our first, Annual Honey Do Owners Conference in Asheville, North Carolina following the grand opening of our Asheville Honey Do Service office. This event provided an incredible opportunity for all of our franchise owners to come together under one roof, fellowship, and share ideas and best practices.